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Garage Door Trouble Shooting

by George Andrews

Garage Door Lights that are attached to your garage door opener are not just ordinary lights.  Yes, they burn out and have to be replaced, but they also serve a function of letting you know when your garage door is encountering a difficulty.  If your garage door won’t close, but your light flashes, that usually means that something is blocking your garage door’s path.  This is an important safety feature.  For help with trouble shooting your door’s behavior, just call us.  Our phone consultations are totally free.

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If your garage door remote doesn’t work, the usual cause is that the batteries have depleted.  It’s a simple matter to replace your remote’s battery, but sometimes that means that your remote has to be re-programmed.  If your remote needs re-programmed and you can’t find the instructions, just give us a call.  Our phone consultations are totally free and we’ll probably be able to help.

The geared sprocket on your garage door opener is a wear item.  The teeth only last so long, then they need to be replaced.  Fortunately, this is one of the items that can be replaced on your opener without replacing the entire opener.  For help with your opener, call us.  We carry parts for all major garage door opener brands.

Your garage door’s operator button is an important part of the convenience associated with your opener.  When your remote still controls your door, but nothing happens when you press your button, give us a call.  There is a possibility we can help you trouble shoot the problem on the phone, but if not, you’ll find our service call to be very inexpensive.

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Your garage door’s tracks are attached to your garage with brackets.  These brackets attach to your wall and also your ceiling.  Sometimes these brackets work loose.  If you allow this situation to continue, there is a possibility that your garage door could jam or worse yet, come off its track.  If you notice that your door is hesitating or sometimes not closing or opening properly, give us a call.  We’ll do our best to trouble shoot your problem over the phone.  Our phone consultations are always free.

Garage Doors come in a wide variety of sizes.  Most residential garage doors are in standard sizes, but once in a while we encounter odd sizes.  This is particularly true when dealing with an outbuilding, barn or building with a high ceiling.  While it may be necessary to special order some doors, you can rest assured that most of the time we’ll have a door immediately available that will fit your garage.  Just call us at 904-685-1500.  Our phone consultations are always totally free.

Do you need a new garage door?  One way to determine if you need a new garage door is to check the seal at the bottom of your door.  If you see a gap, then perhaps you need to think about replacing your door.  Or perhaps not.  The seal, often called a rubber bottom, can be replaced.  If the lower section is showing rot, then it may be possible to replace just that section.  To find out if your garage door needs replacing or just a little TLC, call us.  We’ll help you explore the alternatives that are best for you.

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Garage Door Insulation.  If you’re considering purchasing a metal garage door, the question is always whether or not you want an insulated door.  With metal doors, insulation does more than just allow for protection from temperature changes.  The insulation actually does a lot to help make your metal door more rigid.  This is particularly true if you get a “sandwich” door where you have a metal on both sides of the solid foam insulation.  For more information on which door is right for you just call us.  We love talking garage doors.

Tilt up doors.  Almost all modern garage doors are designed to open in an upward direction and disappear parallel to your garage’s ceiling.  This gets the door totally out of the way and provides a very convenient way to open and close a large area like a garage.  There are other choices.  You can have a door that opens upward but doesn’t  come with the standard 4 sections.  It’s called a tilt up door and while it is not normally installed in modern homes, it is an inexpensive alternative.  To enter a discussion about how we can help you with your garage door ambitions, just call us.

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